Wednesday, May 4, 2016

If you want to cut your self, these are tips on how to safely cut, and how to clean your self.

I've gone through deep depression before, and i had darkness surrounding me, and I've looked into being a cutter. If you feel the need to, please read this blog carefully so you can go about it safely!

First, use something a razor, nothing but, like something from a shaving blade. Clean the blade very thoroughly, and let it soak in Hydrogen peroxide for about 2-5 minuets. You'll need a cloth, such as a bandanna, or gause from a first aid kid. After the blade is clean, keep this in mind, you will feel pain, and never made the cut anything bigger than 1 millimeter, if this happens seek medical attention. Take a quetip, rub your arm with Hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol, and begin to carefully make your cut. NOTE: Never cut anywhere near the elbows, wrists, neck, near the prostate, or any veins or arteries. There's different ways to cut, if you just want a quick cut, make one slice, if you want a bit more, make three small cuts, and if you want scars, after the previous cut heals, open it bake up, but be very careful for the skin is much more easily able to cut, and break. After making your cut, take two clean quetips and clean the wound with Hydrogen peroxide, then either use your gause, or bandanna. Here is my knowledge for you if you want to cut safely, if you want more info though, look up safety tips online. Thanks for reading this.